Shri Ram Global School helps children unleash their potential, help them learn beyond the classroom and foster them to become successful citizens and good humans. The school emphasises building a constructive relationship between parents and teachers as an essential factor that contributes to a child’s success.

Multi-level sports and academics go hand-in-hand; hence at Shri Ram Global School, students have to mandatorily learn and practise minimum three sports which the sports committee and student select together.

Shri Ram Educational Trust
Shri Ram Global School is an initiative of the Shri Ram Education Trust, an institution established to impart the best education. It aims to develop values and personality traits to build achievers.

Holistic Development
At Shri Ram Global School, we believe that students should be well-rounded. Our holistic educational approach enhances students not just academically but also physically and emotionally.

Expert Faculty
The Shri Ram Global School faculty comprises academicians with Indian and overseas degrees / professional qualifications in education and training.

Education Beyond the Classroom
Shri Ram Global School encourages students to apply what they have learnt in the class in the real world and continuously investigates opportunities to make learning beyond the classroom possible.

Sports Facilities and National Award-Winning Coaches
Our best-in-class facilities enhance our students’ fitness. The facilities can be experienced by visiting students through prior arrangements. Our award-winning national coaches provide the right training to all our students.

International Education
Our flexible learning platform enables students to choose IGCSE/A-Levels from our Cambridge International UK partner while simultaneously doing practical work at our Blended Learning Center. The Global Youth Leaders Programme that we offer acts as one of the best ways to prepare for overseas education. Our professional foundation level courses will be certified by the UK and Australian professional bodies.