Sports Troops
Sports is as crucial for a child’s development as academics. It is essential to keep the students healthy, fit and active. At Shri Ram Global School, we give students countless opportunities to discover and hone their skills. We make sure they develop excellent sportsmanship. Here students enjoy playing games such as:

Be it batting, bowling, or wicket-keeping, we give our young aspiring players ample opportunities to learn and improve their skills as they play.

Students can improve their game and learn more about hockey from the instructor and be part of the school hockey team.

Football enthusiasts can enjoy the game by being part of the school’s team. They can enhance their skills and learn valuable techniques from the instructor.

Learn to take the perfect aim from the instructor and improve your shooting skills.

Learn to swim and become a champion under the guidance of Shri Ram Global School’s instructor.

Be a pro with the racquet and shuttlecock and learn more about the game from our instructor.

Sportz Village
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Education Clubs

At Shri Ram Global School, students can benefit from various education clubs to increase their understanding of different subjects. With these clubs, the students will not only learn theory but will also be doing different activities. Our school has the following clubs:

  • Science Club
    It’s easier now to become a science genius at Shri Ram Global School. Learn more about the subject from our experienced faculty in a fun way!
  • English Club
    What could be better than an English club? Improve your skills in this language so you can become an excellent communicator.
  • Math Club
    Become a Maths prodigy by learning from the best teachers in town. Learn the easiest ways to improve your calculations and become a master of numbers!
  • Robotics Club
    The robotics club at Shri Ram Global School will improve the students’ 21st-century skills. They can learn about the subject from our experienced faculty.
  • Social Studies Club
    The students can excel in social studies by not just learning theory but through various fun activities planned by the teachers.
  • Creative (Art & Craft) Club
    Any student can become a creative genius and learn to make fun art and craft from our expert teachers.
  • Theatre Club
    Our theatre club is the best place where students can bring out the star in them. They can enhance their skills under the guidance of our experienced faculty.
  • Native Language Skill Club
    There are many benefits of speaking multiple languages. Be it Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Odiya, Bengali, Kashmiri or Bihari, you can learn and become a master of any language at Shri Ram Global School.