The curriculum of Shri Ram Global School is founded on the extensive research done by Next Education.
Next Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum solution and a step towards quality learning. Next Curriculum is a seamless integration of stellar audio-visuals, hands-on activities, simulations, lesson plans and assessments.


This comprises core instructional books and learners’ companion books. To supplement these, digital versions of the books are available on the NextBooks app.

Hands-on Learning

Next Education labs, along with the resource kits, provide an engaging experience to all kinds of learners using manipulatives, simulations and group activities.

Digital Classroom

TeachNext is an optimal digital classroom solution that caters to different kinds of learners and is seamlessly integrated with our books. It can also be accessed from your home on computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Formative and summative assessments to regularly track learners’ progress are available in the textbooks, mentor manuals and digital classroom solutions.

NextCurriculum addresses the needs of all K–12 students by
  • catering to the needs of every kind of learner,
  • making the classroom space engaging,
  • inculcating a lifelong love for learning,
  • making learning at home engaging through carefully-crafted exercises, and
  • making children socially and culturally aware by building life skills.