We Believe

      Every child is unique in his own special way. A beautiful little gem, waiting to shine like a diamond in the sky. Beaming with confidence and might. To make a positive difference in the world. A powerhouse of talent. Ready to set an example for others to follow. Full of passion and countless dreams. Raring to accomplish the impossible.


      Our vision is to develop passion in our students to learn the basic concepts of all subjects through activities and practical experience and develop higher order thinking skills.


      Shriram Global School aims to develop each student into a global citizen. The school is committed to imparting quality education that would transform them into independent, compassionate and sensitive individuals possessing strong values and respect towards all cultures.

      Our Curriculum

      Blended Curriculum
      To give a 360-degree education, we have combined some elements of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, IGCSE and IB-PYP and integrated it into our curriculum. This includes reading, problem-solving skills and the ability to integrate ideas. Along with these elements, the school offers international standard facilities that will help equip the students to avail a broad variety of career-shaping opportunities.

      Well-Designed Foundation Courses
      Shri Ram Global School offers a unique programme with IIT JEE and NEET foundation courses for the students of grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. This programme aims to make the students understand the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

      Learning Beyond the Classroom
      Shri Ram Global School firmly believes that learning must extend beyond the classroom, in the spheres of art, craft, music and theatre. Such activities will nurture students’ talent, self-expression and enhance their self-esteem.

      What Makes Shri Ram Global School Unique?

      Carefully Crafted Student Mentorship Programme
      We understand that a warm and cosy environment helps stimulate a child’s desire to learn, hence we have a one-on-one student mentorship programme.

      Social Responsibilities
      We understand the importance of education and believe language should never be a barrier for students. We have language labs to assist our students in their early learning years and impart quality education in their native language.

      Toastmasters Gavel Club
      Gavel clubs are considered an alternative to Toastmasters International for students who may be underage and therefore ineligible for regular membership. Like Toastmasters club, Gavel clubs also use club officer titles and education manuals. One of the significant differences between the two is that Gavel club members are referred to as Gavaliers. Gavel clubs also provide Toastmasters members and clubs with an excellent opportunity for community service.

      Sports Troops and Education Clubs
      We are socially responsible and do not just aim for academic excellence. The holistic development of our students is the goal at Shri Ram Global School. Sports and other co-curricular activities are given equal importance, so our students have a fresh mind and do not get exhausted with studies.

      360o Global Education

      What Parents Say About Us

      Shri Ram the name itself gives a divine feel.
      Myself Hema V I am a parent and teacher too in Shri Ram global
      school. I am enjoying both of the responsibilities.
      My daughter Huviksha D is studying in grade 9 at Shri Ram Global
      School. All the teachers are well qualified and experienced. She is
      enjoying learning and has good comfort zone with the teachers.
      These days only few schools are respecting parent’s concerns and
      opinions but Shri Ram Global cares and respects even a single concern
      from parents.We, the parents always expect this positive response and
      cooperation as well.
      Being as a Kannada teacher I can say it’s a good platform to
      experience the work. Principal and admin staff is very humble and
      I am very glad to be a part of Shri Ram Global.
      Thank you

      Hema V

      Parent of Huviksha D

      The first thing which attracted me in the school was the huge campus.
      Children are having a lot of space to explore and they have different
      areas for sports activities as well.
      Also the school is situated in the outskirts which makes the children
      feel and enjoy the alluring nature.
      Hospitality of the staff is one of the major positives which make our
      school unique. School is giving importance to all the festivals and
      gives equal importance to all the community so that they can practice
      equality among the children. Celebrations like Independence Day and
      other main events were conducted with great organization.
      PTMs are given equal priority in which it helps us to know where our
      kid stands in the academics, so that we can improve on those areas and
      then we can make our kids future bright .
      I would recommend the school to keep up the good work and improve
      and focus a lot on the events, celebrations and cultural activities of
      the kids.

      Sangeetha M

      Parent of Poorvi Santhosh

      Shri Ram Global School is one of the best schools in Whitefield, with a huge campus and a good atmosphere. I am a founder teacher working for almost five years and blessed to be a part of an institution ready to take up challenges and help students the most with modern infrastructure and sincere resolution every year. The school uplifts its benchmark to be the best. As a parent and employee of the school, I am delighted to get good support from the management and all the staff from academic, admin and support teams. I am personally overwhelmed to see my children progress over the years after putting them in this school. Shri Ram Global School is a school that uses a modern approach & technology to educate children. It prepares the kids from a very tender age to be apt for the future by giving them exposure to compete globally in aptitude tests like Olympiad exams, Spell Bee, etc. The school is well aware that only a perfect balance between technology & manual work could give a positive result and as a team everyone is striving for the same. I hope the institution grows to good heights in the near future.

      Mrs. Sumathi M,

      SRGS Teacher & Mother of Charuvi. B & Charith. B, Grade V

      The school’s location, infrastructure and atmosphere are exceptional. The management is quite efficient and always prepared for tech innovations with good organisational resources. This is probably the first school to implement the online education system as soon as the lockdown was announced due to Covid. The diligent, experienced and dedicated teachers are doing an outstanding job irrespective of the situation they are put in during the pandemic. Their hard work and preparation are evident enough. The way they are portraying themselves and conducting online classes after being pushed into the relatively new and unfamiliar system of education is commendable.
      I salute all of them.

      Mr.Rajesh Vaid,

      Parent of Siya Vaid, Grade X

      My son has been studying at Shri Ram Global School, Whitefield. The school has been supportive in his overall growth, both in academics and personality-wise. The support provided by the school to keep his co-curricular activities and academics balanced is tremendous. We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Principal sir, Dhanya madam, admin staff and all the dear teachers who are moulding children to become good human beings and well-mannered individuals. We can approach the school staff anytime with our queries and they always help us out. The school has an equal mix of academics, sports, music and art, making it the best among other schools. Keep it up!

      Mr & Mrs. Anil Kumar Agarwal,

      Parent of Harshit Agarwal, Grade XII

      I’m from the batch of 2021. My experience with Shri Ram Global School has been fantastic. Usually, with new schools, you would find inexperienced teachers who are often ignorant, but here I found amazing teachers who always give their best. The administration has always helped me with the college admission process and has been supportive. The infrastructure is unique, as it is a blend of both modern architecture and big athletic grounds. The online classes are held with excellent communication and the students at Shri Ram Global School definitely help each other through a lot. Anybody looking for quality education with humble practices, this place is for you.

      Aaradhya Malik

      Student, Grade XII

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